Strain - Detail

Strain number KU strain number KU-0186
Original strain number Tilopteris W1male Bell 1 NFL Hooper
Duplicate strain number no data
Depositor E. Henry
Taxonomy Scientific name with Tilopteris  mertensii  ssp. ; no data
Taxonomy Heterokontophyta; Phaeophyceae; Tilopteridales; Tilopteridaceae;
Author (Turner) K├╝tzing
Order Family Genus Species name Infrasubspecific Author
no data
Japanese name ; no data
Collection information Locality ; no data, Bell I., Newfoundland, Canada
Latitude/longitude World Geodetic System: 0.0 , 0.0
( 0degrees0minutes0seconds0   /   0degrees0minutes0seconds0 )
Collector name R.G. Hooper
Date of collection ; no data
Identified by Originally identified by ; no data
Identified by (modified) ; no data
Habitat ; no data
Substrate ; no data
Generation ; no data
Origin of isolation ; no data
State of strain ; no data
Cryopreserved NO
Culture condition Medium PESI/10L-10L
Temperature 10
Light intensity 16L:8D
Medium exchange cycle ; no data
Last culture medium number ; no data
Characteristic no data
Register Reference in RRC
Gene cox3

Precaution no data
Notes ; no data