Strain - Deposit of strains

1.Conditions for deposit

The Kobe University Macroalgal Culture Collection (KU-MACC) accepts for deposit strains that satisfy the following conditions In principle, all deposited strains will be available to the public.

  1. Scientifically important macroalgae, e.g., macroalgae which are representatives of macroalgal biodiversities, or have other potential importance in scientific researches and economic uses, or as enviromental indicators.
  2. The origin of the strain should be provided, and it should be identified to species; however, strains that have been used in a number of studies may be accepted even if only the genomic name is known.
  3. The strain should be stable under defined culture conditions and shall be in the following state:
    ・Unialgal and clonal

2.Agreement for deposit

When the depositor agrees to the following conditions, the KU-MACC shall accept his / her submission of the Strain Deposit Request and Agreement Form:

  1. The depositor shall deposit the strain to the KU-MACC without charge. The transfer of intellectual property rights is not included in the agreement. The KU-MACC may maintain, culture and distribute the strain to users.
  2. The depositor shall submit accurate strain data to the KU-MACC, which shall include patens, properties and states of the strain (see Strain Deposit Request and Agreement Form).
  3. The strain shall be free from any limitation, legally and contractually, pursuant to one of the following reasons:
    ・The strain was isolated / developed by the depositor
    ・The strain is deposited with the permission of the isolator / developer
  4. The KU-MACC may delay distribution of the deposited strains to users in accordance with the following condition(s):
    ・The strain may not be disclosed to the public until the first paper regarding the strain has been published
    ・Other reason specified by the depositor
    This condition will last no longer than one year and the the strain will be open to the public, even if the depositor imposes conditions. If the depositor does not specify a condition, then the strain will be open to the public immediately after approval by KU-MACC representative.
  5. The KU-MACC shall bear no responsibility for inevitable change and loss during maintenance, or for loss caused by natural disasters.
  6. The KU-MACC may stop the maintenance and distribution of the strains according to a decision of the KU-MACC representative, after prior notification is given to the depositor.

3.Procedure for deposit

  1. The depositor should complete the [Strain Deposit Request and Agreement Form] and send it to the following address:

    Kobe University Macro-Algal Culture Collection (KU-MACC)
    Kobe University Research Center for Inland Seas
    1-1, Rokkodai, Nadaku, Kobe 657-8501, Japan
    Phone / Fax: +81-78-803-5781 / +81-78-803-6698

  2. The decision regarding the deposit of the strain is given within one month from the date of receipt of the Strain Deposit Request and Agreement Form.
  3. If the state of the strain sent does not coincide with the description on the Strain Deposit Request and Agreement Form, or does not meet any of the conditions described above, the KU-MACC acceptance for deposit shall be canceled.
  • KU-MACC Strain Deposit Request and Agreement Form [ PDF / Word ]