Strain - Detail

Strain number KU strain number KU-0232
Original strain number Nereo female FHL 27. Apr. 96
Duplicate strain number no data
Depositor H. Kawai-Laminariales 3
Taxonomy Scientific name Nereocystis  luetkeana 
Taxonomy Heterokontophyta; Phaeophyceae; Laminariales; Laminariaceae;
Author (K.Mertens) Postels & Ruprecht
Order Family Genus Species name Infrasubspecific Author
no data
Japanese name no data
Collection information Locality Friday Harbor, WA, USA
Latitude/longitude World Geodetic System: 0.0 , 0.0
( 0degrees00minutes00seconds000   /   0degrees00minutes00seconds000 )
Collector name H. Kawai
Date of collection 1996. 4. 24
Identified by Originally identified by no data
Identified by (modified) no data
Habitat no data
Substrate no data
Generation no data
Origin of isolation no data
State of strain no data
Cryopreserved YES
Culture condition Medium PESI/10L-10L
Temperature 10
Light intensity 16L:8D
Medium exchange cycle no data
Last culture medium number no data
Characteristic no data
Register Reference in RRC
Gene cox3
Precaution no data
Notes Nereocystis sp.